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What to Expect

If you’ve never been to PSConf.EU, and you’re wondering whether the conference is suited for you, Read on!

Download PSConfEU – The Guide

We’ve compiled a guide for the PowerShell Conference Europe 2022 with information on the venue, the planning, and what to expect.

First of all, no matter your proficiency in PowerShell, there will be loads of content and opportunities valuable to you. From sessions adequate to your skills level, meeting MVPs and world experts, mingling with the community, you’ll have plenty opportunities to learn, share and be part of this amazing community!

As in with previous events, we want to offer real-world content. Because the landscape has drastically changed in the last few years, that means an increased mix of technologies and solutions. Obviously, Managing Windows environment is still a core part of what the members of the community do on a day to day basis, but more and more our jobs requires us to know about DevOps principles, practice, and to understand how to adapt our expertise to the Cloud.

Make sure you open our PDF guide and learn what’s waiting for you!
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PSConfEU Podcast – Episode 2 – The PSConfEU Mug

In this second episode of the PSConfEU podcast, we’re joined by Tobias Weltner, co-organiser of the conference. Together we share more behind-the-scene information about previous PSConfEU events and the 2022 edition!

Recorded on the 15th of March 2022 with Tobias Weltner (@TobiasPSP), Rob Sewell (@sqldbawithbeard) and Gael Colas (@gaelcolas), we bring you the story behind the PSConfEU Mug and how we pick its colour.

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PowerShell Conference 2022 tickets
Twitter Thread about the Survey Data
Vienna Stadtpark, next to the venue
Social Event in Prater Wien, more precisely Dinner at Prater Alm

PSConfEU Vienna Info

PSConfEU Podcast – Episode 1 – The Story behind #SadJoey

We have created a new podcast specifically to bring you news about PSConfEU, where we can share news about the preparation of the event, behind the scene discussions, and broader news from the #PowerShell community!

We are going to have short episodes (of 20 minutes or less), probably twice a month. We would love to have some guests, so if there is someone that you would love to hear talk about their PsConfEU experiences please let us know.

This is our first episode, recorded on the 20th of February 2022 with Rob Sewell (@sqldbawithbeard) and Gael Colas (@gaelcolas), two of the PSConfEU Organisers.

Rob Sewell
Gael Colas

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In this episode we talk about the PowerShell Conference Europe 2022 in Vienna, why we think our speakers love dogs and the story behind #SadJoey. We also discuss the PowerShell and DSC Community calls and the PowerShell Summit in Bellevue

PowerShell Conference 2022 tickets
Is it Spocks Interview?
Jaap and Tiwaz
Barbara and Cody
The Original SadJoey Photo!
The First #SadJoey Mention
SadJoey Figurine
Enjoy all the #SadJoey Photos
PowerShell Community Call
DSC Community Call