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You are interested in becoming one of our sponsors? Then this is the right place!

This year we have created 4 types of packages: Consultant, Standard, Premium and PARTNER.
Download the brochure now and get in touch!

picture with introduction to packages. Open the PDF for more


The unique PARTNER package will be shown as the privileged partner of PSConfEU 2022.
During the event we will often associate the PARTNER’s logo with the PSConfEU logo, and
we will make it more visible, including on stage for the plenary sessions.
The PARTNER’s booth will be the largest, at the best location (we think), and with 2 large
backgrounds that we will print and install for you, based on the graphics you will provide.

The PARTNER will be allowed to use 4 sessions of 45 minutes each in a break-out room,
and we will arrange the details with you. You can opt for doing one session each day, or join
two sessions together for a longer workshop. Those sessions will most likely be in addition
to the 4 tracks we provide, leaving more flexibility in the organisation.
To make sure you can introduce yourself and your sessions, you will also have 4 x 15min
sessions in Park Theatre which is an open space, and is accessible
from the public space.

Premium Packages

The Premium packages provide a great visibility, and have their booths in a great location
with 1 large background each and one table with chairs. We will have the background printed
and set up from the graphics you will provide.
The logos of the Premium sponsors will be visible on the website, in the intro and outro
of each session recording that will be posted on YouTube after the conference, and in the
promotional «after movie» we will do for 2022, used for marketing subsequent events.
The premium package also gives one 45min session to demo your product or do a workshop,
and two 15min presentation in the open area

Standard Packages

The Standard Packages are great to have a presence and engage with the community, and
cutting costs by bringing your own pop-up displays. We ask that you limit to two displays
of up to 1 meters wide each.
You will also be given 15 minutes during a break to address the attendees in Park Theatre
and present your product and company.

Consultant Packages

The Consultant packages are great for micro companies or independent consultants who
already have their tickets and desire to share what they do at a mini-booth, with a pop-up
banner to capture the interest of the attendees. You can bring your own pop-up display of
up to 1m wide, and we’ll provide a chair (but no table).

Request the brochure now for more information and pricing!

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