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Call for Speakers is Open!

The time has come to open the Call for Speakers for PSConfEU 2022!

Go straight to our Sessionize page to find more information and submit your proposals!

As you know, this event will be an in-person event (unless it’s not safe to do so) in Vienna, Austria, at the Hilton Vienna Park Hotel.
We can’t wait to see what the community has to offer and reunite with everyone for 4 days of fun and learning! We miss you all very much!

We have answered some of the main questions below. If you have any further questions, need clarity or just wish to check something out please feel free to get in touch with us either via the @PSConfEU twitter account or any of the methods on the website contact us page

Who can submit?

While we expect most speakers to have honed their presentation skills in their local usergroups or other conferences, we’re considering everyone and will review every session abstract that we receive.
Don’t let the Impostor syndrome get in the way!

While the conference is renowned for its deeply technical content, bear in mind that in every healthy technical community like ours, some participants will be fairly new, some will have just a few years of experience, and some will have been in the trenches for a long time, maybe since the beginning of PowerShell. We would like sessions that will be available to all of these people.

If you can inspire the newcomers, help further those already in their journey, or push beyond the limits even experienced community members believe in, then please submit as soon as possible! We want to hear from you!

What content are we looking for?

We’ve asked the community on Twitter, and they shared what they’re looking for, but that’s only here to help you find inspiration. Don’t let it get in the way of your creativity!

The responses show a lot of interest in Real-Life PowerShell, DevOps Concepts, Pure Deep PowerShell, Azure and some interests in On-Prem scenarios or non-technical skills such as Community, Soft Skills, Career development, Blog Writing, How to Stream, etc…

If you wish to read the thread about the survey results, you can find it here

We’re also open to any topic that can help the community members: Other technologies where PowerShell may not be the only or best tool even for the confirmed user, or concepts that are relevant to the members of the PowerShell community. Bicep, GitHub Actions, DevOps concepts and practices, and so on…

Each selected speaker will be required to deliver two sessions of 45 minutes each including Q&As, mostly because we can’t afford paying for more speakers’ benefit, sadly.

So please make sure you submit at least 3 or 4 sessions so that we can still pick you if some of your sessions conflicts with some other we’ll have already selected.

What you’ll get

As a selected speaker, this is what we have to offer:

  • Accommodation paid for (based on a room shared with 1 other speaker or equivalent contribution within our allotment)
  • Conference Admission
  • Access to speakers lounge & other speakers’ privileges
  • Access to all attendees events
  • Invitation to the Speakers’ dinner

We know it may not seem much, but we’re trying our best to promote you and your content to help build your reach in the community. To that effect, one of our priorities is to create quality video recordings to be shared freely on YouTube or other platforms.
Depending on the situation and the constraints the event may face (ahem, COVID), we may delay the publishing of those recording up to 6 months after the event but will refrain to do so as much as we feel is possible.

What’s the timeline?

The Call For Speakers is open from now until the 15th of December 2021. We will then select the sessions by early January and communicate their results to all the applicants by the 4th of January 2022.

After that, we’ll ask the speakers to confirm their sessions and we’ll release the sessions on social media and the conference schedule as they come.

A limited few “Featured Speakers” may be contacted directly before December 2021 and upon accepting we’ll be announcing their session to help promote the event.

Code Of Conduct

We expect everyone who attends the event to follow the Code of Conduct. You can read this here

Submit a Talk Now!

Don’t delay go to our Sessionize page and submit a session!
Watch out for more announcements on PSConf.EU and social media!

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