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COVID Safety planning

As we’ve said before, we are committed to deliver a safe in-person event in June 2022 at the Hotel Vienna Park in Austria. What does it mean given the risks and the current regulations.

Updated information

Since the 16th of May, all Austrian COVID entry requirements have been lifted, but the FFP2 masks is still required when in public transport, and essential shops. This is will also be lifted early June.

For our event, we maintain the rules specified when we opened the sales: proof of full vaccination and FFP2 masks inside the conference floor (some will be provided to you upon arrival).

We’re following the Austrian government as for the definition of Full vaccination.

From a legal standpoint, the organisation and the safety measures we have to follow are:

  1. The laws of Austria
  2. Comply with the requirements for private events in the city of Vienna
  3. Follow the rules for the Hotel and their COVID plan

Additionally, we can add our own measures, as we do for the masks.


Although entry requirements for Austria have been lifted, we require all participants to be fully vaccinated. Your COVID certificate will be validated when you register and before your badge will be handed over to you.

As we have the Mezzanine level of the hotel to ourselves, we will check your badge as you get into the conference venue.


FFP2 Masks are mandatory in the conference venue, but otherwise all masks requirements are to be lifted on the 1st o June. The hotel does not require you wear a mask.

The exceptions are for speakers while presenting their scheduled sessions, or when eating or drinking.

We have 3000 FFP2 masks available for the conference.

Should you need some fresh air, the venue has a great lobby with table and chairs where you are not required to wear a mask, a Bar (Selleny’s) and with a terrace.

We’re also across the road from the park, great way to a relaxing pause and fresh air!

Social distancing

There are no mandatory social distancing in place, whether in Vienna or at the conference, although we kindly ask you to be considerate of everyone’s preference.
We have added extra room space with table and chairs to avoid overcrowding the yard, and to allow you to sit down, unmasked, for your meal.

During the social event at Prater Alm, masks won’t be required. We have many outdoor areas, some covered, and the area is meant for several times our size.

During the speakers’ dinner, masks won’t be required as we’re probably going to sit outside.

What else are we doing?

For now, we’re trying to plan for different scenarios, and what we can do to prepare for them. We’ve already ordered masks, and we will try to have some rapid tests available at reception for those who want to test themselves.

In Summary

There is a lot of constraints because of COVID-19, and we’re doing our best. We need to consider registration, traffic/flow of attendees, cleaning, security enforcement, catering…

Rest assure we’re working on it, and it is our top priority. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to let us know via email contact {at}!


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