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Eating in Prague

There is PS Community dinner on Tuesday, but what do you eat on Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday? Here are few tips.

Close to the venue


Directly across the road from the venue, there is this restaurant called Potatoes, that is focuses on dishes that have potatoes, but also meat. Takes online reservations.



Just next to the venue, on the highest “skyscraper” in Prague there is restaurant Aureole. Offering fine dining experience. Takes online reservations.


Salanda Pankrac

Next to the venue, a Czech pub restaurant offering Czech cuisine, and Krusovice beer. Takes online reservations, calling is recommended.


Turnovska Pivnice Brumlovka

Close by to the venue there is Turnovska Pivnice, serving czech food, and beer from brewery in Turnov. Takes online reservations.


Podolka 🥬

Few stops away by bus, on the edge of Vltava river, is this vegetarian friendly restaurant. Offering also gluten free dishes. Takes online reservations, but calling is recommended.


Cafe na pul cesty 🥬

(Only small food) In Pankrac park close by, you can find training cafe / pub for people with mental illness. Grab a beer and sit in the park, and maybe enjoy some of the vegan snacks they offer, like BBQ baguette with mushrooms.


Retro Jidelna Melisek

(Only open 7:00-14:00)

Few hundred meters away from the venue is this unique eatery. If you want to be transported to 1980s communist Czechoslovakia, and eat a super cheap (but tasty) lunch standing up, then this is your place:

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No reservations, no guarantee of English being spoken.

A bit further but worth it

Spojka Karlin 🥬

About 30 minutes away by metro is this unique restaurant calling itself flexitarian, where you will be surrounded by plants. With a range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, but also meat dishes. Takes online reservations.


Nase maso 🥩

A small butcher shop near Namesti Republiky, where you can grab an awesome burger, and a beer to go, or if you are lucky to sit. Does not take reservations.


Kantyna 🥩

Few minutes walk from Hlavni Nadrazi there is this meat lovers canteen where you select what your heart desires. Small piece of this meat, and a little bit of that. With great beer and wine. Does not take reservations.


Cestr 🥩

Just next to to Muzeum Metro station there is a steak restaurant offering a three course menu, where steak is both your second dish and your desert. Takes online reservations, and also pick-up.



Directly next to Prague castle you will find this restaurant with amazing view, Pilsen beer and Czech cuisine. Sitting outside is recommended. Takes online reservations.


Lod Pivovar

Directly on Vltava river there is a unique brewery that brews their beer directly on the boat. The offer selection of their specialty beers, and great food to go with it. Takes online reservations, but calling is recommended.


Mr. HotDog

Some 20 minutes away by metro, you will find Mr.HotDog, a legendary hotdog, and sliders place, with possibly the best fries in Prague. Calling ahead to make a reservation is highly recommended.



(Only offers small food, like sausages.) Just next to the Charles Bridge, this little gem of a place where you can grab a craft beer, and something small to eat.


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