Selected Speakers

Raimund ANDRÉE

PFE, Microsoft Germany
I am a veteran in the PowerShell space started using it in 2008 . Since quite a while I am active in the open source community sharing almost everything of my work. The main projects the community can benefit from is AutomatedLab, NTFSSecurity, all on GitHub. Since 2015 I am evangelizing in DSC trying to motivate organizations and people to adopt what Steven Murawski and Michael Greene have written in the Microsoft's Release Pipeline Model whitepaper. Starting with DSC is quite painful and a steep learning curve. To help people onboarding faster and not running into the same problems again, with the community I have prepared a repository in GitHub to share a common DSC project template:
Raimund Andrée


Windows Engineer at Optiver, author of ``PowerShell 5.1 Biblia``
Bartosz (Bartek) Bielawski is a busy Windows engineer for Optiver, an international company. He loves PowerShell and automation and that love earned him the honor of Microsoft MVP. Author of ``Windows PowerShell 5.1 Biblia`` and co-author of the ``PowerShell Deep Dives`` book.


Microsoft PM
Jodi is a Microsoft PM working in Azure core on Guest Configuration. She's interested in all things automation and configuration management and is excited to get to know the DSC and PowerShell communities even better at PSConfEU. Jodi is based in Seattle, WA and is always looking for hiking and restaurant recommendations.

Jaap Brasser

Engineer, Azure MVP and Developer Advocate @ Harness
Jaap Brasser is a Senior Developer Advocate at Harness and a multi-year recipient of Microsoft Azure MVP award. He has a big passion for scripting and automation and whenever he is not writing his next script or module, he spends his time fiddling around with APIs.

Paul Broadwith

Supreme Commander and MVP
Paul is a DevOps Engineer with a love of PowerShell, Automation, Chocolatey, Scottish single malt whisky and wireless earphones. He has given workshops and spoken at many events across the UK, Europe and the US. He has a real passion for passing on knowledge and loves to talk with aspiring techies.

James Brundage

Founder, Start-Automating
James Brundage is a former member of the PowerShell Team and the founder of one of the first PowerShell consultancies, Start-Automating. He has been working with PowerShell for 16 years and loves building useful tools in PowerShell.

Steven Bucher

Product Manager
Product Manager on PowerShell

Thorsten Butz

Natural born trainer
Thorsten Butz is a distinguished ``Microsoft Certified Trainer`` (MCT), consultant, book author and podcaster. He started his career in the late 1990s as a networking specialist and Unix enthusiast. He conducts Microsoft's server technologies since 2000. His desire for scripting and automation brought him at an early stage to his current focal point: the Windows PowerShell Thorsten is the host of the ``Sliding Windows`` ( podcast.
Thorsten Butz

April Edwards

Cloud Developer Advocate - DevOps Practice Lead

Barbara Forbes

Azure technical lead @ OGD | Azure MVP | GitHub Star
Barbara works as the Azure technical lead for OGD in the Netherlands. She is a Microsoft MVP Azure, MCT and GitHub Star. Her focus is on Azure and automation. Think Serverless, Azure DevOps, PowerShell, GitHub and Infrastructure as Code. She loves teaching in an approachable way. She regularly writes posts for her blog and speaks at conferences and user groups. She helps grow the community as co-owner of the Dutch DevOps & GitHub community (DDOG), as well as co-hosting the Dutch PowerShell User Group (DUPSUG).
Barbara Forbes

Justin Grote

Datacenter Solutions Architect, Microsoft MVP, Allied Digital Services LLC
Justin Grote has built his professional career leveraging Powershell to solve and automate interesting business problems. Unfortunately he can't Powershell his dog to be less aggressive on his face licks.

Jeffery Hicks

Learning Architect
Jeffery Hicks is an IT veteran with 30 years of experience, much of it spent as an IT infrastructure consultant specializing in Microsoft server technologies with an emphasis on automation and efficiency. He is a multi-year recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award. He works today as an independent author, teacher, and consultant. Jeff has taught and presented on PowerShell and the benefits of automation to IT Pros worldwide. He has authored and co-authored a number of books, writes for numerous online sites and print publications, a Pluralsight author, and a frequent speaker at technology conferences and user groups. You can keep up with Jeff on Twitter ( and on his blog (

Matthew Hitchcock

Google Cloud Platform + Mandiant - Principal Consultant
Matt is an Incident Response Remediation consultant at Mandiant, working on the front lines of the breaches that matter. He is a former MVP and former Security Solutions Architect at Microsoft who now works across a more broad spectrum of technologies. Matt usually works with IT folks experiencing the worst days of their careers and enjoys proactively sharing that experience to help make the landing a bit softer, for when its the next persons turn.

Joe Houghes

Solutions Architect/FullStackGeek/Lazy Operator, Pure Storage
Joe Houghes is a co-leader of the Denver PowerShell & VMware User Groups and he's a Sr. Solutions Architect with Pure Storage. He focuses on automating us out of our IT operations while freeing us to perform higher-level tasks. Joe has been the #1 speaker internationally for VMUG in 2021 and 2022 for virtual and in-person events, and is always working to help & encourage the next community speaker(s) to take his place, while helping to get them started.

Graziella Iezzi B.V. - Senior Business Applications Engineer
Enchanted by PowerShell. How can you resist it?

Jakub Jareš

Tested with Pester before it was cool.
Pester owner and maintainer. Senior software engineer, developing VSTest and MSTest at Microsoft.
Jakub Jares

Mathias R. Jessen B.V
PowerShell Afficionado, Security Professional and Pizzaphile

Andy Jordan (THEY/THEM)

Senior Software Engineer on Microsoft's PowerShell Team
Andy Jordan has been at Microsoft since interning in 2014. Early in their career they led the effort to port PowerShell to Linux and macOS, and followed that with other open source work across the company. In 2021 they officially joined the PowerShell team and took over maintaining the PowerShell Extension for VS Code.

Emrys MacInally

Rollout Manager / DevOps Engineer
Has been having fun with PowerShell since 2007 and loves to deploy software

Demitrius Nelon

Product Manager @ Microsoft
I'm a product manager at Microsoft working on the Windows Package Manager. I've worked at a few other companies you might have heard of like Amazon, Verizon and VMWare, and a few you might not have heard of like FlashNet and Unbound Technologies. I love building products and digging into useless trivia.

Mike Nelson

Technical Evangelist & Architect, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTA, VMware vExpert
My career in information technology spans over many decades, involving a vast array of technologies and solutions. I am very passionate about cutting edge technology, solutions, and knowledge sharing. I have been awarded prestigious community contribution awards such as a Microsoft MVP for Cloud and Datacenter Management, a Microsoft Azure Advisor, a Citrix Technology Advocate, and a VMware vExpert and VMware User Group Leader. I am an international speaker at technical conferences, corporations, and user groups.

Anthony Nocentino

Principal Field Solution Architect, Pure Storage
Anthony is a Principal Field Solution Architect at Pure Storage as well as a Pluralsight Author, a Microsoft Data Platform MVP. Linux Expert and Corporate Problem Solver. Anthony designs solutions, deploys the technology, and provides expertise on business system performance, architecture, and security. Anthony has a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science with research publications in high performance/low latency data access algorithms and spatial database systems.

Emanuel Palm

IT nerd by day, virtual dragon slayer by night
Solves problems using code, with PowerShell and C# as his tools of choice while soaring through the clouds of Azure. Blogs about PowerShell, .NET and various IT adventures on Enjoys open source, baking, playing D&D and combining his interests into quirky apps.

Bruce Payette

Bruce Payette was one of the founding members of the PowerShell team and architect of the PowerShell Language. He has a persistent and annoying interest in programming languages.
Bruce Payette

Jan-Hendrik Peters

Author and PowerShell enthusiast by night, Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect Engineering by day
Jan-Hendrik is a Cloud Solution Architect (Engineering) for Microsoft Germany with a long love for PowerShell. When he is not working, he is contributing to AutomatedLab and other projects on GitHub, listens to all kinds of Metal and cures his own bacon. You usually find him in the air, at Wacken with his home-made beer, hiking through the Scottish Highlands or in front of a computer screen.

Arnaud Petitjean

10 times PowerShell MVP (2007-2018). Books author. PowerShell Professional

Jess Pomfret

Database engineer with a passion for automation.
Jess Pomfret is a Data Platform Architect and a Microsoft MVP. She started working with SQL Server in 2011, and enjoys the problem-solving aspects of performance tuning and automating processes with PowerShell. She also enjoys contributing to dbatools and dbachecks, two open source PowerShell modules that aid DBAs with automating the management of SQL Server instances. She has also contributed to the SqlServerDsc module, adding several new resources to use when configuring your SQL Servers.

Mike Preston

Developer Advocate - Rubrik
Mike Preston is a Developer Advocate at Rubrik, in charge of all things APIs, integration, and SDKs. He blogs on as well as various other tech-related news sites. He is a Toronto VMUG Leader and author of Troubleshooting vSphere Storage. You can find him on Twitter @mwpreston.

Andrew Pruski

Field Solutions Architect originally from Wales but now exploring Ireland
I'm a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Certified Kubernetes Administrator and former SQL Server DBA. You can find me on twitter @dbafromthecold and blogging at
Andrew Pruski

Robert Prüst

Principal Consultant, focussing on automation through PowerShell and DevOps. Active speaker and member of the Dutch PowerShell User Group `{`DuPSUG`}` and blogger at

Ben Reader

Patch My PC - Software Engineer
Australian IT Professional with 13+ years of experience. Working with Patch My PC as a software engineer, bringing automation ideas to life and making 3rd party patching simple! Equally as obsessed with PowerShell as I am with Coffee, Beer and Punkrock. I'm a Linux nerd who is very excited about the future of Microsoft and open source.

Jan Egil Ring

Sr Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft
Jan Egil works as a Sr Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft - helping customers migrate, transform and modernize into Azure. He has a wide experience with automation and a strong passion for PowerShell. Before joining Microsoft, he was a multiple-year recipient (2011-2022) of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for his contributions to the Windows PowerShell, Cloud & Datacenter Management, and Microsoft Azure technical communities. He speaks regularly at user groups and conferences, such as Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC), PowerShell Conference Europe, and PowerShell Summit.

Pierre Roman

Senior Cloud Advocate - Microsoft
Speaker-As a Cloud Ops Advocate, Pierre engages with the operations and infrastructure communities around the world to share his knowledge and experiences. He collects feedback to improve the Azure hybrid cloud. With over 25 years in the industry in all facets of the Ops/infra lifecycle. His experiences enable him to relate to his audiences and cultivate relationships at all levels. He’s a husband, a dad, a hockey fan, a gadget freak, and a geek. Pierre is always ready for a conversation (in English or français - naturellement).

Rob Sewell

Be-Whiskered Automator of Things
Rob was a SQL Server DBA with a passion for PowerShell, Azure, Automation, and SQL (PaaS geddit?). Now he just helps people make things. He is a Cloud and Data Center MVP and a Data Platform MVP, SQLBits committee member, PSConf EU organiser, and co-leader of Data South West UK User Group. H has spoken at and volunteered at many Data and PowerShell events all over the world. He is a proud supporter of the Data and PowerShell communities.
Rob Sewell

Evgenij Smirnov

Senior Solutions Architect at Semperis
Evgenij has been working with computers since the age of 5 and delivering IT solutions for the best part of the last 25 years. His Active Directory and Exchange background naturally led to PowerShell, of which he's been an avid user and proponent since its first release. Evgenij is an active community lead at home in Berlin, a leading contributor to the German TechNet forum and an experienced user group and conference speaker. He is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP since 2020.

Sydney Smith

Program Manager, PowerShell Team, Microsoft
Sydney is a program manager on the PowerShell team. She focuses on the tooling ecosystem which supports PowerShell.

Roberth Strand

Principal Cloud Engineer, Amesto Fortytwo
Roberth is a self-proclaimed ``cloud automator``, and works primarily with Microsoft Azure infrastructure, DevOps and Cloud Native technology. He has been awarded the title Microsoft Azure MVP, as well as HashiCorp Ambassador. He is active in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, being part of the TAG App Delivery as one of the chairs of the Platform working group, and maintainer on the OpenGitOps project. Furthermore, he is the founder of the Norwegian PowerShell User Group and Azure Cloud Native User Group, and is an Open Source advocate.

Björn Sundling

DevOps consultant by day, Rockstar by night.
Hello, My name is Björn and I like pipelines. Long time DevOps fan spending my days as a consultant writing PowerShell and yaml (and sometimes also other languages) and helping teams collaborate. Nighttime solderer of old tech, player of guitars, and walker of dogs. Only doing this ``IT`` thing 'til my career in Norwegian black metal takes of.

Anh Tran

DevoTeam, Lead Consultant, Data Insights and Automation
Anh is a passionate Data Scientist and an active public speaker who has a solid international background in data analytics and data management across Asia and Europe. With more than 11 years of experience in different industries such as finance, ride-hailing, travel technology, manufacturing and wholesale, she is keen on bringing to the audience her unique perspectives, best practices and know-how when it comes to applying disruptive technologies.

Leo Visser

Cloud Consultant @ OGD
Currently I work as a Cloud Consultant for “OGD ict-diensten” (Netherlands) where I consult different companies about making better use of cloud techniques and transforming their application to the cloud. Before that I worked as a (lead) SysOps engineer for a couple of years. During this time I focused a lot on automating work to free up resources and optimize the work to make sure the customers could be served with a small team of dedicated people. I also write on my blog where I share insights I have gathered during my IT career.

Simon Wåhlin

Chief Technical Architect - Advania
Azure consultant at Advania by day, coder by night. Simon has a passion for automation and uses that to help customers be effective when building solutions in Azure. He helps customers with both strategy, design and implementation of modern cloud solutions. Simon also teaches PowerShell, hosts user group meetings, blogs and talks at conferences. With a background in IT-support and IT-operations and a strong interest for development he is trying to find his place in the gap between Dev and Ops.

Manfred Wallner

Software development engineer at ksengineers
Manfred is a software development engineer at ksengineers in Graz, Austria. In the last 10+ years, he's been involved in a variety of projects including work for TV-broadcasting providers, research and development, performance analysis and optimization in automotive engineering as well as software deployment & configuration automation. In his spare time, Manfred contributes to the Chocolatey community, doing moderation on the community repository as well as maintaining the Boxstarter project.

Friedrich Weinmann

Premier Field Engineer
Fred is a Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft with a passion for automating as much of his work as he can. In his so-called spare time he maintains and contributes to open source projects, runs a usergroup, speaks at other usergroups and conferences and mixes cocktails.