Tobias Weltner

Introducing Dr Tobias Weltner – Featured Speaker

Tobias Weltner

We are delighted to welcome Tobias as a featured speaker for PowerShell Conference Europe 2022. Tobias has stepped down from being the main person responsible for ensuring PowerShell Conference Europe ran successfully over the past few years and we are so pleased that he agreed to be a featured speaker for this year in addition to be able to attend and enjoy the sessions and the networking.

Tobias is a long-time PowerShell MVP, inventor of ISESteroids ( and a PowerShell Trainer

How long have you been using PowerShell?

I started using it when it was still called “Monad”

What got you started?

Jeffrey invited us for a presentation of his vision of “Monad”. At that time, I heavily automated using VBScript but was quickly convinced by the many advantages of PowerShell – especially the uniform object model across different techniques (COM, .NET, WMI, ADSI), the interactive shell and the ability to tap into virtually anything a professional software developer could use. With PowerShell and its abilities, the answer to the question “With PowerShell, can I…” now was always “Yes!”. It was now just a question of complexity.

Whats the favourite thing you have done with PowerShell?

Using a PowerShell class to automate Philips Hue home automation

Have you ever been to PsConfEU before?

Yes. 😊 (Editors Note : It was a generic question for all featured speakers!!)

How has PowerShell impacted your career?

I am privileged to focus entirely on PowerShell whereas most IT colleagues are in charge of IT departments and responsible for a wide range of demanding IT challenges. It is very rewarding team play to help transfer knowledge to real-world IT departments and see the impact PowerShell makes to help solve real-world IT automation needs.

Thank You Tobias, we are looking forward to seeing you next year

You can order your tickets for #PSConfEU here

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