Jess Pomfret

Introducing Jess Pomfret – Featured Speaker

Jess Pomfret is a Data Platform Architect and a Microsoft MVP. She started working with SQL Server in 2011, and enjoys the problem-solving aspects of performance tuning and automating processes with PowerShell.

She works as a Database Platform Architect for DataMasterminds in the UK.
She also enjoys contributing to dbatools and dbachecks, two open-source PowerShell modules that aid DBAs with automating the management of SQL Server instances. She has also contributed to the SqlServerDsc module, adding several new resources to use when configuring your SQL Servers.

She grew up in the South West of England and outside of her DBA life enjoys Crossfit, cycling and watching proper football.  

How long have you been using PowerShell?

Almost 10 years

What got you started?

I hate to do repetitive tasks so I started looking for ways to be more efficient when managing a large sql server estate.

What’s the favourite thing you have done with PowerShell?

Contributing to dbatools.

Have you ever been to PsConfEU before?

I have not

What do you know about it?

A wide variety of PowerShell content from top speakers, in a great location.
How has PowerShell impacted your career?

To start with, learning PowerShell made my everyday tasks easy and faster, but PowerShell has had a much bigger impact on my career and life overall.

I started using dbatools in my work to make DBA type tasks easier. Then when I found I had some home grown PowerShell scripts that I could contribute to the module, this set me off on an adventure.      I learnt a lot about git so I could get my contributions into the repo and pester so I could write unit and integration tests for my code. On top of the knowledge I gained, I met some amazing people who inspired me to start blogging and presenting about PowerShell. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without the dbatools community.

Thank you so much Jess, we are looking forward to seeing you next year in Vienna

You can order your tickets for #PSConfEU here

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