Introducing Justin Grote – Featured Speaker

Justin Grote is a Datacenter Solutions Architect and Microsoft MVP. He has well over a decade of PowerShell experience across the history of platforms he’s worked, evolving from Windows and Exchange to VMware and now Azure and AWS. He is based out of Portland Oregon and loves to foster dogs from One Tail at a Time (OTAT), including his adopted goofball Spock.

How long have you been using PowerShell?

14 years

What got you started?

I fiddled with 1.0 a bit but it wasn’t until Exchange 2007 that I really dove in and used it regularly. Coming from a mixed Netware/Linux/Windows background, the idea of a pipeline based CLI that could pass objects between commands instead of having to futz and format text was astounding, and I found the verb-noun syntax and discoverability like Get-eso intuitive.

What’s the favorite thing you have done with PowerShell?

My Press development environment JustinGrote/Press: A continuous developement environment for Powershell Modules either via local development or leveraging GitHub and Github Actions. I’ve never made it friendly enough for outsiders to crack, but I learned so much developing it in so many different areas and really enjoyed when everything came together.

Otherwise it’s really any time someone asks if something can be done and I tell them to give me 30 minutes and come back with a script and the look on their face like I’m a wizard or something is always precious.

Have you ever been to PsConfEU Before?

No! I’ve been to Europe several times and I have enjoyed the conference via the posted videos and learned a lot from people I respect. I’m very excited, it’s been over a decade since I have been to Austria and I’m looking forward to it.

What do you know about it?

I’ve attended the virtual sessions vicariously and reached out to contact a lot of people who I first discovered via the sessions. There’s clearly a lot of community and that’s very important to me.

How has PowerShell impacted your career?

It has allowed me to work smarter, not harder, and glue together disparate architectures with ease, saving my customers tons of money they would have spent on high priced consultants

You can order your tickets for #PSConfEU here

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