Introducing Mathias Jessen – Featured Speaker

We are delighted to welcome Mathias as a featured speaker for PowerShell Conference Europe 2022. (The above photo is pre-PSConfEU!!)

Mathias is a frequent victim of nerd sniping; #PowerShell aficionado; blue teamer; black metal fanatic; (awful) drummer; #tweetsizedoneliners, Security Professional and Pizzaphile
He blogs at

How long have you been using PowerShell?

I’ve been a PowerShell user since 2009!

What got you started?

Exchange Server 2007 and subsequently 2010 – the first products to truly embrace PowerShell Remoting!

Whats the favourite thing you have done with PowerShell

I once wrote a ~300 line script to un- and re-join 3000 member computers in a broken AD environment. It saved a customer 800-1000 man hours that would have been spent physically going to each machine, and it really opened my eyes to the promise of PowerShell as an enabler of “automation at scale”.

In the public domain, my favourite project is “Legislator” – a PowerShell module that emits real .NET interface types at runtime!

Have you ever been to PsConfEU before?

Every year since 2016!

What do you know about it?

I ran into Dr. Tobias Weltner at PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 where he discussed the idea of opening the then-German language conference up to a broader audience in case there wouldn’t be a European Summit 2016 – the rest, as they say, is history.

How has PowerShell impacted your career?

PowerShell lets me combine my passion for programming with my professional interest in systems management at scale, which is great and keeps me motivated in advancing my career.

Engaging with the PowerShell community has helped me make hundreds of new friends and acquaintances across the globe along the way, and I think that’s worth more than any career KPI I could possibly define 🙂

Thank you so much Mathias for agreeing to be a featured speaker for PSConfEU and also for being a good sport. This is more how Mathias will look on stage!!

You can order your tickets for #PSConfEU here

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