PSConfEU MiniCon

All systems go for PSConfEU MiniCon on the 27th of September!

After the fun we had in Vienna during the in-person PSConfEU 2022, we wanted to follow-up with the community, and give the opportunity to speakers and those who have watched the sessions or recordings on YouTube to discuss.

Some of our selected speakers couldn’t deliver their session during the in-person event, and we wanted to give them that opportunity since they spent a lot of time preparing for it.

We also wanted to enable anyone from the community worldwide to be able to participate in a fun way that is also more sustainable.

PSConfEU MiniCon is free, virtual and where all are welcome! It has also a much lower environmental impact than an in-person event, while enabling worldwide collaboration!
We will only have a limit on the number of attendees we can accept (~350), to keep it manageable.

So what will it look like? It will be ran on the Gather platform, for which we’ve created a custom map to suit our needs.

Gather is a video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. In Gather, you’re a little avatar that evolves in a 2D “top-down” map. This emulates the movement you would have on a conference floor, where you’d have to discover the environment and walk up to people to interact with them.
To have best experience, we recommend that you have your webcam and microphone set up.

Once your avatar is getting close to other participants’ avatar, you start hearing them and see their videos. Several participants close to each other can therefore be in a group and chat together.

There will be booths for our sponsors and some for the communities that contribute to the PowerShell ecosystem.

We have also built small private areas for speakers to engage in group conversations. You can get into one of this area and have a group chat: a good way to ask the questions you did not get the opportunity to ask after watching their session(s)!

We also have some open areas people can get into to discuss some subjects or just pick one up.

And of course we have the track rooms, with limited seats!

So make sure you register your ticket (for free) and we’ll send you the invite to the PSWorld map on the 27th of September!

See you online at PSConfEU MiniCon!

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