MiniCon 2022

What's new in PowerShell 7 - Steve Lee

As we get closer to a release candidate for PowerShell 7.3, learn about the new capabilities and features in PowerShell 7 to be more productive.

Principal Software Engineer Manager for the ...
PowerShell Team delivering PowerShell 7, VSCode-PowerShell extension, PSEditorServices, PSScriptAnalyzer, PowerShellGallery, PowerShellGet, PowerShell dotnet-interactive Jupyter sub-kernel, Win32 OpenSSH, etc...

Notes from Steve Lee:
If you watch my session, I was getting $LASTEXITCODE being -1 during my demo, when it should have been 2. Turns out it was due to my profile calling `git` to show a custom prompt. So the lesson is to use `-noprofile` for demos 🙂
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