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PSConfEU Vienna Info

What to Expect

If you’ve never been to PSConf.EU, and you’re wondering whether the conference is suited for you, Read on! First of all, no matter […]

Introducing Mathias Jessen – Featured Speaker

We are delighted to welcome Mathias as a featured speaker for PowerShell Conference Europe 2022. (The above photo is pre-PSConfEU!!) Mathias is a […]

Introducing Justin Grote – Featured Speaker

Justin Grote is a Datacenter Solutions Architect and Microsoft MVP. He has well over a decade of PowerShell experience across the history of […]

Jess Pomfret

Introducing Jess Pomfret – Featured Speaker

Jess Pomfret is a Data Platform Architect and a Microsoft MVP. She started working with SQL Server in 2011, and enjoys the problem-solving […]

Jakub Jares

Introducing Jakub Jareš – Featured Speaker

Featured Speaker Jakub works as a software developer at Microsoft, developing testing platform, which allows users to run C# and C++ tests under […]

Introducing Barbara Forbes – Featured Speaker

How long have you been using PowerShell? What got you started? I started using PowerShell when I started out at the service desk. […]

Tobias Weltner

Introducing Dr Tobias Weltner – Featured Speaker

We are delighted to welcome Tobias as a featured speaker for PowerShell Conference Europe 2022. Tobias has stepped down from being the main […]

ninja fighting virus

COVID Safety planning

As we’ve said before, we are committed to deliver a safe in-person event in June 2022 at the Hotel Vienna Park in Austria. What we haven’t shared is anything specific around COVID yet. We feel it is too early to decide and thus share any details as we cannot guarantee what we’ll be implementing.

That said, we understand the desire for potential speakers and attendees to know how serious we are about safety, and what type of measure we have in mind.

Become a sponsor!

Hi, You are interested in becoming one of our sponsors? Then this is the right place! This year we have created 4 types […]