Understanding the future price increase for PowerShell Conference Europe 2024

Hello PowerShell enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts alike! We are excited to share some important information regarding the upcoming PowerShell Conference Europe 2024. As you may have noticed during MiniCon, the ticket prices for this year’s event will increase to €1750 excluding taxes, the 1st of May 2024. We’d like to take a moment to explain the reasons behind this price adjustment and the measures we’re taking to ensure the sustainability of this annual gathering.


Inflation Impact: One of the primary reasons for the price increase is the perpetual inflation not only in Europe but also globally. Inflation affects our operational costs and, subsequently, our overall profitability. As our commitment to delivering a top-notch event remains unchanged, we must adapt to these financial challenges.

Logistics Expenses: The cost of event logistics has also risen significantly. Our partners have increased their prices, resulting in higher expenses for various event-related services. We have always strived to provide a seamless and exceptional experience for our attendees, and these rising costs are something we must address.

Venue Challenges: Finding the perfect event venue at the right price has become more challenging. Our event has specific requirements that are not met by smaller venues or oversized Convention Centers. Balancing capacity and cost has proven to be a considerable challenge.

Outdated Pricing: Over the nearly 10 years of our event’s existence, we’ve maintained the same ticket price. However, the value we provide and the market conditions have evolved. It’s important that our pricing reflects the true value of the event, and this adjustment is a step in that direction.


It’s essential to emphasize that our primary objective is to ensure the sustainability of the annual PowerShell Conference Europe. We are committed to delivering a world-class event that brings the PowerShell community together, and these changes are vital to achieving that goal.

Solutions and Discounts

To mitigate the impact of the price increase and show our appreciation for your continued support, we’ve implemented several discount options:

User Group Organizer Discount: If you are an event organizer, you can get a 50% discount on a single nominative ticket if you organise 5 PowerShell User Group from July 2023 to 15th of May 2024.
WIT2024 Discount: As part of our commitment to diversity, Women In Tech attendees can use the code “WIT2024” to receive a 25% discount on their tickets.
Group Discount: For groups of six or more, there’s a 10% discount on the total purchase amount. Additionally, our standard sponsor package comes with a 30% discount for groups.
“mugic” Discount: For the first 10 tickets sold, you can use the code “mugic” to receive a €100 discount per ticket.

We understand that the price increase may come as a surprise, but it’s crucial for the sustainability of the PowerShell Conference Europe. We remain dedicated to providing a platform for learning, networking, and sharing knowledge within the PowerShell community.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to welcoming you to PowerShell Conference Europe 2024 on May 1st! Together, we’ll make this event another incredible success in the world of PowerShell.

PSConfEU 2024 Organisers

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