MiniCon 2023

PSConfEU MiniCon 2023 - Designing Beautiful APIs with Azure PowerShell Functions - Chrissy LeMaire

In this episode, we delve into the world of API design, exploring its beauty and value. The main speaker begins by expressing their excitement about AI and how it has ...clicked for them when they started using GPT-4. They discuss the importance of APIs, both in web structure and PowerShell, and break down the benefits of building an API, such as increased functionality and scalability. They introduce Azure PowerShell functions as a way to build an API using existing PowerShell skills, explaining the key components and providing examples. The main speaker then explores the structure and naming conventions of APIs, emphasizing best practices and principles. They touch on safety considerations and the use of HTTP methods in API development. The main speaker also discusses documentation tools for APIs, highlighting Azure API Management as their preferred choice. Moving on to the demo, they explain the creation and structure of an API using Azure functions, as well as the use of dev containers and workflows in GitHub. They discuss testing functions with Pester and the importance of file organization and the gitignore file. The main speaker touches on the host.json and local.settings.json files, as well as the configuration of profiles for handling confirmations and exceptions. They cover managing required modules and dive into API routes, mentioning the use of API gateways and dynamic route structuring. Throughout the conversation, the main speaker shares insights, personal experiences, and recommendations, including following API expert David Mori and recommending the PowerShell podcast. They also showcase the amusing and impressive capabilities of OpenAI, including a cat that raps and curses. The main speaker concludes by inviting questions and expressing their availability.

00:00:00 PSConfEU 2023 - Designing Beautiful APIs with Azure PowerShell Functions - Chrissy LeMaire
00:00:05 Introduction and Book Deal Announcement
00:02:01 Speaker's Background and Transition to Belgium
00:04:19 Importance of Documentation and Examples in API building
00:06:28 Reasons to Build an API: Expanded Functionality, Scale, Firewall-Friendly
00:09:07 Community Building and Collaboration through APIs
00:11:01 Introduction to Azure PowerShell functions and its benefits
00:15:32 Understanding Azure Function app structure and equivalents in PowerShell
00:17:31 The beauty of API structure and development
00:20:44 Generating IDs in the API for efficiency
00:23:34 Tools for auto-documentation in APIs
00:27:27 Creating Azure Functions on the web and command line
00:29:53 Introduction to VS Code and its important features
00:30:43 Testing Functions with Pester and Docker
00:32:50 Explanation of local.settings.json and PowerShell ENV
00:34:07 Parameters and Output Binding in Coding
00:34:58 Informative Error Handling and Function Setup
00:36:51 Exploring Dynamic Routes in API Gateway
00:37:58 Introduction to a PM's Method on Azure SQL Team
00:40:29 Choosing ID format and options for Spotify API
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