PowerShell Conference Europe 2021

Hannover, June 2021

A message from the PowerShell Conference Europe organizers:

March 2021

Firstly, we wish all of our PowerShell friends and colleagues the very best in these different times. We hope that everyone is and continues to be safe and well.

Due to Coronavirus and the limitations that come with it, we are sad to have to announce that we will be unable to hold psconf.eu in 2021.

PowerShell Conference Europe is much more than the sessions, we always try to create a joyful, supportive, friendly atmosphere where everyone can come together to learn, share, network, and socialize.

It has become obvious to us, that no matter how much we wish for it, neither travelling conditions, legal guidelines, nor broad vaccination will be in a position that would allow us to organize this event in June with the quality and safety that it requires.

We understand that those of you who opted for a voucher need information and a variety of options. We are planning to hold psconf.eu in 2022, anyone with a voucher:

  • can use that voucher for 2022 – Nothing for you to do, we will roll the voucher over with some automation 😉
  • can be fully reimbursed to the original payment account. (details for requesting this will follow)

In addition, we are working on some small-scale events including specialized online classes and possibly a come-together event in fall that you will be able to use the voucher for as well. Keep an eye on the usual social media channels for further details.

Please be a bit patient with us. We’ll publish all details by end of May. Currently, most of our team members are kept very busy by Corona-related challenges. For example, I temporarily returned to my old profession and work seven days a week as a MD to get as many people vaccinated as possible. Once we can all return to our normal lives, we’ll publish all voucher options on psconf.eu and hopefully also a confirmed date for psconf.eu 2022.

A year ago, none of us would have thought that Coronavirus could take away two full conference seasons from us (and so many others).

Thank you for your patience and support,
Tobias and the PowerShell Conference Europe organizers.