Partnership Opportunities at PowerShell Conference Europe 2024

Are you eager to amplify your presence and engage with the vibrant PowerShell community? Look no further than the PowerShell Conference Europe 2024! Our event presents an array of partnership possibilities tailored to suit your objectives.

With four distinct partnership packages—Consultant, Standard, Premium, and Expert—ranging from 1,250 GBP to 14,000 GBP, there’s a breadth of offerings designed to cater to your specific needs.

Secure your visibility now within the PowerShell community and join us in making this pivotal European event a resounding success.

New opportunities

This year, we introduce new avenues for engagement, including the chance to name the gaming lounge and brand roundtable discussions within the ‘Belle Epoque Ballroom,’ the central hub for plenary sessions, lunches, and the open stage.

Explore the multitude of opportunities waiting for you in our comprehensive partnership document by clicking the image below:

Don’t miss out on seizing these prospects to elevate your presence and impact at the PowerShell Conference Europe 2024!

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